We help individuals and companies protect their inventions

Compass IP Law PC is an intellectual property firm with a focus on patent law. We are a virtual firm with attorneys located in Oregon, Washington, California, New Hampshire and Virginia. At Compass IP Law PC, we get excited about innovation and love the work we do. We pride ourselves in providing value to our clients through quality work tailored to fit our clients’ needs. We recognize the need to approach every project with the future in mind, and approach patent protection as a business asset with a strategic purpose for our clients.


As patent attorneys, we help our clients seek protection of their inventions both domestically and internationally. We enjoy working with a broad range of clients, from individuals and start-ups, to large corporations. We believe that our clients want someone who will not only draft their patent applications, but who will also consider the reasons they are spending their money seeking patents in the first place. We strive to fulfill roles as strategists and counselors that can pursue the best protection possible for our clients’ intellectual property.


Our focus is to provide guidance and direction regarding how intellectual property can benefit our clients’ business pursuits.  We help our clients develop and execute a strategy where intellectual property plays a role in their success. Specific services include:

Intellectual property counseling & advice

Patent prosecution

Foreign patent prosecution

Patent application preparation and filing (US and International)

Patent licensing services

Patent litigation support

Due diligence

Patent portfolio development & management